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Asic miner for Ethereum why not ? - Bitcoin Forum

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2017 Bitcoin Mining Hardware Comparison - Who's the Best Miner?

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Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum acic miners to buy with delivery to the whole world! Asic, Chip, Store.

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27 Jun 2017 According to the official site, each ASIC chip performs as well as 100 GPU's. And, with Ethereum going Proof of Stake in a few months, there will be nothing left for GPUs to mine for profit except maybe ZCash, which will become unprofitable fast with every GPU in the world switching to it. Time to put all my 

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4 Jun 2017 Bitcoin miners can use specialized hardware known as ASIC chips to solve the mining algorithm, but Ethereum's mining algorithm is purposefully ASIC-resistant, requiring computer memory as well as processing power. Ethereum is quite difficult to get mining on personal Windows based computers 

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Obelisk SC1 – the First SIA ASIC Miner Is Confirmed! - 1st Mining Rig

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