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31 Aug 2016 So I started out mining using minergate today and am trying to GPU mine as my CPU isnt the best, but as I went to GPU mine, it instantly cancels out and shows that it isn't running. When I tried mining with that, it would always stop with the "low memory error". I am having the same error with my gtx 980.

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chemmajorp53 Sep 27, 2017, 6:19 PM. The 980 ti is only a tiny bit better than the 970 for mining, the 1070 is miles ahead of both of them. AFAIK the ethereum mining speed is based mostly on memory speed. So, the demand for your card is due to people not wanting to spend $420-450 on a GTX 1070.

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I just started mining ether and I'm looking into buying whole sale gtx 980's. before Invest i would like to know the current hash rate of them.

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GTX 1080, 1628, 1258, Win10, 31 Mh/s. GTX 680 FTW, 1300, 3700, Win7, 17.4 Mh/s. GTX TITAN Black x2, 1300, 6000, Ubuntu 15.10, 41 Mh/s. GTX 650 Ti, 1175, 3004, Win7, 10.3 Mh/s. GTX 980, 1367, 3580, Win10, 19.8 Mh/s. GTX 980 Ti, 1480, 4000, Win8.1, 23 Mh/s. GTX 980 Ti Hybrid, 1524, 6608, Ubuntu 14.01, 21.6 

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