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You could change SST method to xtrabackup-v2 (here simple documentation) and configure MySQL as described in this article in Percona blog. May be it could be helpful for you.

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Without a dedicated graphics card (like $800 comp), you can't run a full node. But even your phone can run the light client. If you have a dedicated graphics card, then instead of: geth --light --cache=1024. You want to first 'delete' geth (and everything you've downloaded in Chain Data) and then run geth 

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24 Jul 2016 Under the topic “Help with slow mist sync” I found several good answers and things to try. Caveat: what I'm about the describe worked for me, but I am hardly a knowledgable expert and this may be wrong from a technical perspective. It turns out that, using the command line interface Ethereum client called 

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29 Aug 2017 That's why the wallet attached to bitcoin's most popular full node implementation, Bitcoin Core, doesn't support SegWit. "Using SegWit before the activation is buried is unsafe and could lead to funds loss if miners behave maliciously," Blockstream CTO Greg Maxwell, a leading contributor to Bitcoin Core, 

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