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CryptoFR est la communauté francophone sur le Bitcoin, la blockchain et les crypto-monnaies.

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19 Jul 2017 I know next to nothing on the subject myself, only what I have been able to gather on as well as some google searches about the state of cryptocurrency in general as well as Ethereum which the NDC are based on. I haven't seen any real discussion on the topic and what futures it could hold.

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2 Jan 2018 Tangle is attempting to position itself as a viable alternative to the Ethereum blockchain, which is still the gold standard for most applications built on the architecture. Regardless, new Ethereum-based solutions for IoT could render the discussion moot, offering a better way for IoT to function.

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A survey of attacks on Ethereum smart contracts - Cryptology ePrint

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Digital Marketplaces Unleashed - Google Books Result

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Should I dive deep into blockchain and ethereum development? I'm thinking of Machine Learning vs Blockchain. Erjan on November 06, 2017. I believe blockchain is not just a hype, yet another language. It's a long lasting trend emerging to bring up new disruptive tech stack. I wanted [Read Full] · edA-qa mort-ora-y 

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20 Nov 2017 We are the original Ethereum chain that didn't hard fork after the DAO, believing in immutability and decentralization. We are Ethereum Classic. We built the forum to help save discussions and debates on important topics…

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