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Its a bit confusing because you can either use a pool :3333 or :3333. You should choose the that means NOT that you are solo mining (with an whooping expected time of 3 years to see your first BTC income), solo mining here stands for the normal pool mining, you get 

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10 Jul 2017 One particular subject concerning the topic of mining is empty blocks, and people often wonder why mining pools mine them. It is very very rare nowadays for a Solo to reap full block reward plus new sequence most new sequences are found by pools. Some pools do offer percentage plus and some 

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6 Jul 2017 - 9 min - Uploaded by burnette bettsEthereum Mining Pool Vs Solo Discount Genesis Mining axu38ui0yijy Promo

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28 Apr 2016 One of our findings was that the uncle reward strategy in Ethereum was weird, and could lead to miners abusing the uncle rewards to almost triple the If you're doing it as a solo miner, then of course it doesn't apply, unless you have investors in which case you are a kind of pool in an economic sense.

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