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5 Oct 2017 eth-symbol- Shared with Dropbox. Unfortunately, it takes 1-2 years to get a new symbol added to Unicode. So until we get into Unicode, I propose we use this symbol below: ⧫ or ⧫ (depending on your chosen font). · BLACK LOZENGE (U+29EB). Get the complete details on Unicode 

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30 Sep 2007 eth The second of these letters is Ð, ð. This is the letter known as eth. In Old English it is used interchangeably with thorn; a word written with a thorn will We follow this practice on this site, but only because wynn is not supported by the fonts that ship with Microsoft Windows and cannot be read unless one 

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19 Jan 2017 Some of these symbols are guaranteed to be available in every LATEX 2 system; others require fonts and 10.5 Bold mathematical symbols . .. /hausak m /rotm u /udesc d. /eth u /hausaK. /rotOmega — /vara p. /fj h. /hookd r. /rotr q /varg. Table 16: t4phonet Phonetic Symbols ћ /textcrd. ¡ /texthtd.

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</A> Ends a link or anchor; <B> Starts a piece of text displayed in a bold font. </STRONG> Ends a section of bold text. &Icirc; latin capital letter I with circumflex: Î; &Iuml; latin capital letter I with diaeresis: Ï; &ETH; latin capital letter ETH: Ð; &Ntilde; latin capital letter N with tilde: Ñ; &Ograve; latin capital letter O with grave: 

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Eth black font.

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