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31 Oct 2017 3) Buy IOTA Using Bitcoin or Ethereum. Locate the trading pair you're looking to trade on Bitfinex. In this example, I'll be trading the IOTA/ETH market. Bitfinex Locate IOTA Market. Like on Binance, there are a variety of order types, with the simplest being a market order. To have Bitfinex automatically 

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24 Aug 2017 One could argue people spend ETH to transact in Ether, which is similar to how Bitcoin works. With NEO, however, one uses the GAS asset to complete NEO transactions. Capitalization of the asset is of the utmost importance in this regard, although it will still make things pretty complicated for a lot of 

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0.00071834 NEOS/BTC Market - Poloniex Bitcoin/Digital Asset

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NEO and GAS Boosted by Anticipation of New Neon Exchange

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