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X. BTC/USD $ 10,683 -4.93%. BTC/EUR € 8,580 -5.25%. BTC/CNY ¥ 71,900 -3.30%. BTC/GBP £ 7,689 -4.66%. BTC/RUB ₽ 603,786 -4.43%. BTC volume $ 2.56B. Altcoin volume $ 7.73B. Crypto market cap $ 536.63B. Worldcoinindex. Toggle navigation. USD. BTC; ETH; USD; EUR; CNY; RUB; GBP; CAD; JPY; HKD; BRL 

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The token that mints 1/10 the rate of DAY, ChronoLogic's standard token. Symbol, YESTERDAY. Price. Total Supply, 776,884.6788757328 YESTERDAY. Decimals, 18. Owner, 0x00Fb8bCC77Ae86aab5e6D9Fa2e34bD2D6745570A. Transfers, 4790. Issuances. Holders, 3177 

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Chrono Logic. Introducing the DAY Token, the first Ethereum asset pegged to time. DAY. Share rating. Start:27-08-2017. End:28-08-2017. Cap:38 383 ETH. Price:1 ETH = 24 tokens. ICO website. Follow 0 Reviews. ICO details Roadmap Team CommunityWP. DAY. Site. Team. WP+idea. Technology. Media 

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ChronoLogic: The First Proof of Time Token on Ethereum

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2 Aug 2017 1 ETH = 5 COM (I asked the team about this and they said that this is a mistake, it should be DAY). The Company launches their Proof-of-Time token to help raise & pay their crypto debt via the issuance of a smart contract. When an Investor sends DAY to the specific receiving address the Investor in return 

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(1989) suggested that the LGM limit 14,860+ 100 (ETH - 13.529) 14,930+ 130 (ETH - 13 533) %2 c : o . * | B #232 2. # s 14,780: 120 (ETH - 13 532) - *** -->== 14,670: 120 (ETH - 13 530) o '.'o' % 14,750+80 (A-8174) • * ~ *. / 15,120: 140 (ETH - 13534) 15,120+95(A-8173) 14,810:95(AA-21 943) 14,810*120 (ETH-13 531) 

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Overview and chronology. 19th century. 18th century. 1855. 2012. 2014. Page 2. With its cantonal universities and federal institutes of technology (ETH), Research and innovation in Switzerland. Key points at a glance. Swiss universities – a wide range of high-quality options. EPFL. ETHZ. Basel. Bern. Fribourg. Geneva 

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