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17 Jun 2017 Early Monday morning (June 12, 2017), I saw a post on reddit titled “How to generate a big password list for a brute force attack for my Ethereum wallet?”. Sweet. Edit: Since it looks like the guy…

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101 which is still beyond the realms of comprehension. Your seed will only get hacked 

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Scrypt is a memory-intensive function that is deliberately slow to frustrate brute-force attacks. Performance may vary depending on your hardware, and in some cases may not work at all. If you run into problems, try a different web browser or use a newer computer. We can't sacrifice security for legacy support.  

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You can keep your bitcoins' keys in a hot wallet (like a current account), running on a computer attached to the Internet, or in a cold wallet (like keeping money in a sock Bitcoin miners (analogous to gold miners) apply as much brute-force computing power as they can to take the prize in this block's cryptographic lottery.

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