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From what I read ETH-LAD is a like acid only less intense but more visual but my friend tried 100mcg of it which I looked up and is meant. crystallizatons with a minor smell, ETH-LAD is a fine brownish powder both are stable in solution, ETH-LAD I would not risk in solution for too long, blotter is great.

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AL-LAD – The Indole Shop

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ETH-LAD blotter 100ug. $50.00 – $500.00. Modern Chem 2017, All Rights Reserved. Close Cart. Menu. Products · About Us · Terms & Conditions · Payment · FAQ · PGP · Support · My account. Products. Indoles · Phenyl · Morpholines. Close Cart. No products in the cart. :)

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Committed Psychonaut • neuralcircuitry: 1-Propionyl-LSD blotter

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1P-Lsd, Al-Lad, Lsd-25, Eth-Lad, Blotters/Tabs/Hit

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ETH-LAD x 4. ETH-LAD eller 6-ethyl-6-nor-lysergic acid diethylamide. Varje blotter innehåller 100 mikrogram .. Baserad på 2 recensioner. Lägg till i önskelistan. Jämför. ETH-LAD x 8. 799kr. Exkl moms: 639kr. ETH-LAD x 8. ETH-LAD eller 6-ethyl-6-nor-lysergic acid diethylamide. Varje blotter innehåller 100 mikrogram .

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If you are interested in stocking our products, please contact us via email. Our minimum order value is EUR2000 per product and only serious enquiries will be considered. Under no circumstances will we ship to the UK or USA. Products we are currently stocking include: ALD-52. 1P-LSD AL-LAD ETH-LAD 1P-ETH-LAD

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Description. Lysergamides. AL-LAD. AL-LAD is a novel lysergamide discovered initially in 1971. It is the N-allyl homologue of LSD. Each blotter contains 150 mcg of the compound. It is NOT intended for human consumption, and is strictly for laboratory reagent or forensic analysis purposes ONLY. Available as the 

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30 Apr 2013 For example, one of the key differences between 25I-NBOMe and LSD is that this substance is only active when taken through a sublingual or insufflated route. This means that in order to get the full effects, 25I-NBOMe blotter paper must be lightly chewed on within the mouth for 10 - 20 minutes and never 

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Buy ETH-LAD Online -

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PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS. Paper, High absorbancy perforated blotting paper. Square Perforation, 9x9mm. Active Ingredients, ETH-LAD. Quantity of ETH-LAD/Blotter, 100mcg 

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7. Dez. 2016 Hab gestern mal einen Allergie-Test mit ETH-LAD gemacht, bevor es an die richtige Dosis geht. Habe dazu ein sechzehntel eines Blotters mit 100 µg abgeschnitten (also erst den Blotter geviertelt und ein Viertel dann nochmal geviertelt) War, wenn es denn genau geschnitten war, eine Dosis von 6,25 µg 

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