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This is one of the essential differences between Bitcoin mining and Ethereum mining, in that Ethereum mining was designed to be memory-intensive, so as to Slower random memory accesses (of which ETH mining is extremely dependent on) will result in performance penalties for your mining hash-rate.

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6 Aug 2017 People interested in mining cryptocurrency with computer graphics cards may want to pay attention to AMD — not just because its cards are usually cheaper and more competitive compared with NVIDIA, but also due to its new model set to be released soon. Though unconfirmed, rumor has it that its new 

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23 Jun 2017 XFX AMD Radeon R9 Fury X 4GB. XFX R9-FURY-4QFA RADEON R9 FURY X 4GB HBM 3xDP HDMI. Basic Specifications: Video Memory: 4096 MB; Core Clock: 1050 MHz; Memory Clock: 500 MHz. Overclocked Specifications for mining: Core Clock: 1150MHz; Memory Clock: 500 MHz; Hash Rate: 33.4 

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Miningspeed - submit your mining configuration and share them with other users, see wich settings other users use to get those hashrates. AMD, r9 380, 990, 1425, Windows 10, Crimson 16.6, Ethereum, 100Mh/s, More Info . AMD, R9 Fury, 1120, 500, Windows 10, Radeon 17.12.1, Ethereum, 30.5Mh/s, More Info.

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Prestazioni nel mining di Ethereum - Tom's Hardware

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Hey, just wanted to ask if there is anybody who can tell me (or proof) the hashrate of the following cards: RX 470 4GB (~23Sol/s, Buried One Ethereum, Video) RX 470 8GB (~25Sol/s, only read it) RX 480 4GB (~28Sol/s, only read it) RX 480 8GB (~34Sol/s, only 480=240sol/s 470=220sol/s r9 fury=335sol/s 

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[OC3D] 70-100MH/S hash rate for RX Vega - Page 20 - Overclock.net

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Ethereum Mining GPU Benchmark - TechSpot

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I hobby mine on my gaming/dev pc and get approx 365Sols/sec on a R9 Fury X water cooled edition. I'm using the with Ethereum, the hashrate is arround 12-14 MH/s at voltage 1000mv. Aldrado 2017-07-02 21:44:07 UTC #5. Hi, I have a PC with 2x Sapphire R9 270X 2gb and mine about 380H/s. But the 

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