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Role playing tips: Night Elf names usually have a special meaning in Darnassian, usually referring to nature, ancestral deities (like Elune) or famous heroes (either Elvish or important to the Elves). Last names usually stay the same from generation upon generation and they have been like this for millenia, often long before 

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30 Jun 2017 [Aion Suramar]: NOT READY: "Teleport: Ruins of Elune'eth" [Aion Suramar]: NOT READY: "Teleport: Falanaar" [Aion Suramar]: NOT READY: "Teleport: The Waning Crescent" [Aion Suramar]: NOT READY: "Teleport: Twilight Vineyards" [Aion Suramar]: NOT READY: "Teleport: Felsoul Hold" [Aion Suramar]: 

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Teleport: Ruins of Elune'eth - Spells - WowDB

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