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Has This Ethereum Classic Developer Solved Proof of Stake?

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22 Aug 2017 There will be another delay for Ethereum mining's "difficulty bomb" and switch to a proof-of-stake (POS) network, developers say. The decision could affect.

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When ethereum is changed to proof of stake what exactly will I need to mine ether? I understand I'll need ten coins but will I still need to build a mining rig under proof of stake? Or should I just buy ten ether and wait for the switch over? I'm worried that if I build my own rig it will be unprofitable when they make the switch. 180 mh s ethereum

Lightning Network For Ethereum? ETH Surges as “Casper

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26 Oct 2017 When is Ethereum switching to Proof of Stake? This is currently not yet not decided. Current estimates – late 2018, or 2019. Be aware that the Ethereum team has been late with planned updates in the past, however they had a good track record of successfully rolling out changes, even if they are later than 

ethereum bullish 21 Aug 2017 Hi there I'm novice in Etherium, so probably some terminology will be not in the Etherium gurus' jargon, never the less I'd like to rase the concern about one of the Proof-of-stake risk scenario, I've found no discussi…

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3 Jul 2017 Most people who invested time or money in Ethereum are aware of how the project will switch to proof-of-stake in the future. To do so, the developers have introduced a new algorithm known as Casper. Considering how the switch to PoS is getting ever closer for Ethereum, now would be a good time to take 

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Ethereum's Gold Rush is Drawing Bitcoin Miners to Ethereum

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The unconfirmed date of Ethereum switching to Proof Of Stake, meh..

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ETH switch to PoS will kill GPU mining but everybody seems pretty

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